Wiped Air


I have always got some wind out of this book 
now a resting state vibrates out of it
and the hands form fans
which columns contain selected projects
the tilting wrist waves heralds of our intentions
engraving semicircles and cliff lines 
into the atmosphere.

contribUte: chamber play 002

During the room tour it is advisable to walk routes and paths in straight lines, in the so-called longitunal step or latitunal direction, from right to left and vice versa. Alternatively, you can try the diagonal crossing step or the zigzag step, which has already proven itself in the polar regions and is used to overcome the dreaded Sastrugi. These are snowdrifts that create an uneven, rippled ground and make it extremely difficult to move forward.

[exercise@kirstenjohannsen.de] -Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

contribUte: chamber play 001

The Frenchman Xavier de Maistre invented room travel. During a 42-day house arrest he went on a journey through his room and wrote a report which he published in 1794. Since then, the travel format has been used in many variations…Not the distance is the goal, but the exploration of one’s own microcosm’.

001 Take a 42-day vacation. Choose a room that you want to travel. Plan your daily routes, consider the time for the sights.
002 Pack your bags and consider the onion principle. Air out your sleeping bag.
003 Buy enough food and drinks and store them in your fridge.
004 Put together a varied travel guide. We recommend Voltaire, Thoreau and Kerouac
005 Tell all your friends that you are temporarily unavailable.
006 Turn off your phone and mobile phone. Check your internet account and write an out of office note.
007 Ask your neighbours to empty the mailbox.
008 Stuff a handkerchief in the doorbell so that you are not surprised by unexpected guests.

here we go!


[exercise@kirstenjohannsen.de] -Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)




photo_2020-01-25 17.28.35

take 6Lines

build a circle

put sequenced numbers on their ends

-you will have adresses

give each partition to an animal

if you cannot decide, make a race

1take one of the 6Lines for a start line

2install it

3invite animals for the race

4on your marks – get set – go

5run as fast as possible to the next big river

6cross it as fast as possible

7run as fast as possible to and over a finishing line

bring back the start line to the others

in order of arrival at the finish the animals enter one partition each

-you will have signs of the zodiac

if the circle is full you can start to move around it

be aware of the competetive energy coming out of the partitions

the revolving has to be done in exactly 12 years

if you start now: see you 2032!